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Burwood Car Wash first opened in 2010, originally offering customers four self-serve wash bays and one automatic car wash machine.

Late 2019 new owners purchased the business, with over 7 years’ experience in the car wash industry and understanding customers’ expectations replaced all the old equipment, installed the latest touch free Laserwash 360plus automatic machines in two bays, introduced hot soapy water in the self-serve bays, spot free purified water and splatter wax polish for the perfect finish.

Installed the latest’s twin DIY dog wash facility at the front of the car wash, warm water, tap n go credit card option and fully enclosed area to ensure dog safety to treat your best friend.

All the security cameras replaced to FULL High Definition; they are monitored by our security team everyday 24/7.

We are sourcing most of our energy during the day from our Solar Panels across the roof of the car wash and replaced all the lights to LED making the car wash more environmentally friendly and much brighter at night.


Burwood Car & Dog Wash has three self service bays with trigger guns, foaming brushes and mat hangers. All our bays offer HOT High Pressure Soap for the perfect finish for your pride and joy whether it be a Motor Bike, Ute, 4WD or Car.

Burwood Self Serve Car Wash


Burwood Car & Dog Wash

We have just added our new twin dog wash to the front of the car wash for your convenience (parking space provided). Our new twin dog wash now offers tap n go credit card facilities and 30 seconds of FREE complimentary time at the end of the cycle to clean the tub for the next user.

Our Twin DIY dog wash bays allows you to wash, dry and pamper your best friend. No more mess at home, no bathtub disasters, no need to wait for that mobile dog wash to arrive!


No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to prevent the carpet in your car from getting dirty especially if you have passengers during the week like kids or pets. Please try our two new Fragramatics Turbo Vacuums.

Burwood Car & Dog Wash


Burwood Laserwash

Burwood Car & Dog Wash now offers its customers the opportunity to clean their cars without lifting a finger. High quality detergents and a patented touch free car wash process means that your car is cleaned safely & conveniently without you leaving the comfort of the driver’s seat!
Just choose the level of service your car requires and sit back and relax.

What is the big deal about Laserwash 360 Plus touch free auto wash?
Touch free wash is exactly what its name implies, no brush ever touches your vehicle’s surface. You don’t need to worry about ugly swirl marks.

Burwood Touchfree Laserwash


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